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Passionate. That’s the first word that comes to mind when you meet and work with Sharron Halpert and her firestop team. She understands how critically important firestop is to the level of life safety of a building. Sharron has the utmost concern for the safety of the building’s occupants, the first responders, as well as the building and its contents.

Sharron has been involved in multiple aspects of the firestop and passive fire protection business for over 20 years. As a successful woman in a traditionally male-oriented business, she is a pioneer. Sharron’s experience includes inspection, quality control, value engineering, code consultation, education, training, documentation, product development, sales, and customer support. Her portfolio of projects ranges from a basic “stick-built” 4-story 100-unit condo, to a 16.8 million sq. ft. $9.6 billion mixed-use complex.

“Saving Lives for the Life of the Building”

Sharron is very detail-oriented. She is excellent at pulling building codes, design, cost and schedule all onto the same page in a way that will make the building safer and reduce the liability for the owner and contractors alike. In the construction arena, a delay of just a few days can result in millions of dollars in additional expense, or even liquidated damages. “I’m always willing to go the extra mile to ensure the success of a project,” she explains.

Sharron understands that both schedules and budgets can quickly run off the rails if firestop is not incorporated into project planning. The earlier the HLS team is involved on a project, the greater the influence they can have. Sharron works with the entire project team to ensure that everyone is aware of their impact on life safety. “After working with Sharron on a project you will have a new respect for the ‘red stuff’ in the rated walls,” explains one contractor for a major sports arena.

One of Sharron Halpert’s key strengths is her ability to be a good communicator. She has experience as an educator, as well as in customer-service. As a consequence, Sharron and her team recognize the value of patience, and sharing knowledge with clients and vendors. They are always willing to take additional time to explain issues or brainstorm solutions with those involved in the project.

A “Contagious Enthusiasm” for Firestop

The Halpert Life Safety team is happy to tackle new projects and challenges, and enjoys helping resolve difficult situations. They are literally willing to get down and dirty to fix problems related to passive fire protection and firestop. The team’s experience and industry connections ensure that they are knowledgeable about all the industry changes that can be used to improve your project. Sharron has been told she has “a contagious enthusiasm for firestop.”

11 months into one project, Sharron commented that she wanted to have a colossal impact on the level of life safety on the project. One Inspector on the project laughed and said, ”You could have left 6 months ago and you still would have achieved that goal.” The impact only continued to grow as HLS team worked collaboratively with the architects, owner, GC, installers and inspectors. Together, they all made a colossal impact.

Certified Women Owned Business – WBENC, New Jersey, NY City, New York State, Port Authority of NY and NJ, NYCEDC, DASNY

Halpert Life Safety Consulting LLC is a leading provider of firestop-related life safety and passive fire protection solutions. We consult for the building industry in the New York/New Jersey (NY/NJ) metropolitan area, as well as across the United States and internationally.

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