Fire Moves Faster in Modern Construction- Wanna See?

You may have heard that modern house furnishings allow a fire to grow faster than in days gone by, but have you ever seen the difference? This video shows you just how much faster. It’s a shocking reminder that if there is a fire in a building you need to get out IMMEDIATELY. There is no time. Close your doors and get out. ¬†Test your smoke alarms so they will work if you ever need them.

Watch the video here

This really hammers home the importance of both active and passive fire protection methods such as sprinklers and firestop.  If you need help getting your firestop right, give us a call. We can offer a great deal of support and we have been told that we save more money than our contract value. Making us more of an investment than an expense. Whether you are a developer, architect, GC, CM or even a sub who does their own firestop installation, Give us a call and see how we can help! 201-250-4193


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