We are dedicated to improving the level of life safety of any project.

Halpert Life Safety Consulting LLC’s mission is to make a colossal impact on the:

  • Level of life safety of your building
  • Talent of your people.

We provide consultation, training, quality control and third party special inspection related to firestop and passive fire protection. We work on new construction projects, as well as existing buildings. HLS Consulting can train your Quality Control team to look critically and accurately at firestop installations. Or if you prefer, we can conduct your in-house Quality Control. We even provide the Third Party Special Inspection of installed firestop.

Bring HLS Consulting onto your team and see the difference we can make.

Call us for a complimentary review.

You’ll be pleased to learn how we can:

  • help mitigate liability
  • save money
  • reduce project delays.

HLS Consulting is rapidly becoming an industry leader in passive fire protection solutions. The company’s founder, Sharron Halpert, has more than 15 years of experience in the firestop industry. We are well-versed in all current firestop products, building codes related to passive fire protection, and national and international standards. We have worked on a wide range of projects, with all levels of complexity.

Halpert Life Safety LLC consults on projects in the NY/NJ metropolitan area. We also take assignments throughout the United States and internationally. Call us to learn how and where we can help you.

Our firm offers: comprehensive services; a commitment to excellence; expertise in industry solutions; flexibility; and a strong focus on client satisfaction. HLS Consulting looks forward to helping you ensure the optimum level of life safety for your existing building, or your new construction project.

Here’s what people have said about how we’ve tackled and solved their firestop problems:

  • Limit Liability Go Now
  • Save Money Go Now
  • Reduce Firestop-related Schedule Delays Go Now
  • Mitigate Contractor-related Firestop Change Orders
  • Improve Firestop Quality Control Go Now
  • Educate Your Entire Project Team Go Now
  • Improve Collaboration Between the Trades Related to Firestop Go Now
  • Identify Potential Design Changes for Project Cost Savings Go Now
  • Ensure Team Understanding of Firestop Building Codes, Standards, UL Details, etc. Go Now

We are happy to help, regardless of your project’s size, or the phase of your building life-cycle. Contact Halpert Life Safety Consulting LLC today and learn how we can make your life easier, and your building a whole lot safer.

Halpert Life Safety Consulting LLC is a leading provider of firestop-related life safety and passive fire protection solutions. We consult for the building industry in the New York/New Jersey (NY/NJ) metropolitan area, as well as across the United States and internationally.

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