Educating Your Team on the Critical Aspects of Firestop

Educating Your Team on the Critical Aspects of Firestop

The construction industry suffers from a skilled trade shortage and the younger generations are looking for meaningful work. We can help you solve these two challenges and also help you mitigate liability and reduce risk.

Documenting that you provide training for your teams is a big step in the right direction. If you are interested, please take some time to see which programs fit your team best. We have a growing list of programs and several different options to choose from. Learn more below:


“What happens when a former Kindergarten teacher starts to talk building codes and fire test standards”

Join us for our training and you will find out. Sharron has a magical way of animating the building codes and turning the fire test standards into stories and then the magic comes when you begin to see how to weave the codes and standards into a tapestry that reshapes how you plan a project and how you build.  You can read the building codes and standards on your own, and then figure out how to apply that to the work you do. OR you can join us for a training on a boring topic that might actually be a little fun.

If you want to see what we mean, check out the bottom of the page and see our testimonials from our students.


About our training options


Join us for a training that fits into your life as easy as a coffee break. This format is a series of short videos that are five to twenty minutes long, so they fit into your life as easy as a coffee break. You can watch on your computer or you can download an app on your phone or tablet so you can fit your training into your day easily.  This is a self paced course that people can use to accelerate their understanding.  This course animates the building codes and turns the fire test standards into stories, then as the training continues people learn how to apply the information to the work they do in the field.  We cover a growing array of topics in these series. Please visit this link for the list of classes. Some are free and some are fee based.

We offer discounts for groups, AHJ’s and  MWBE and SVDOB.

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These courses can be paired with an in person training that can be generic in nature or can be specialized for an upcoming project. See our Hybrid options


We do in person training programs for various groups such as a variety of companies who want their teams to really understand firestop and how to plan projects better. We also do training for building officials through NEBOEA, NJDCA, Educode, IFC, ASPE, SFPE. We have done training around the US and as far away as Saudi Arabia. If you are working with the International Building Codes, we can bring your teams understanding to a whole new level.  Visit our testimonials page to see what others have said, or just book a class and see for yourself. Please visit our training schedule and see if you can join us for any of our upcoming classes.


One of the challenges of in person training is that we have to ensure that everyone starts with the same level of knowledge. Our hybrid training allows some to review what they already know while others who are new can learn at their own pace prior to an in-person training.   The Firestop Coffee Break training can be paired with an in-person program that allows people to ask questions and engage in discussion based on what was taught in the Coffee Break, but then we can work through a particular project or general field conditions depending on if the team is starting a new project or using the course as general knowledge. Our program can accommodate both.

Our hybrid plan fixes these issues by giving the base level information in a Coffee Break format and bringing the team together to work through a specific project so we are looking at the plans, specifications and combining the information learned in the Coffee break so we can be sure people can apply the codes, standards and project specifications to this project. We help them learn so they can repeat this on the next project.

These classes can be designed around the needs of your team.

Check out our training calendar here or reach out to schedule a time to talk with Sharron about training for your team.

AIA Training

  • This class will change how I look at firestop!
  • Dynamic, engaging instructor who can take a challenging discussion, manage a class effectively bringing everyone’s attention to what matters.

From NEBOEA training

  • Best Class in years and only “hands on” class I have attended, a must for next year!
  • Very knowledgeable, informative, great hands on learned a lot, need to have her next year.
  • By far the best class today, Sharron knows what she is talking about
  • Very, very enthusiastic and knowledgeable
  • Complex topic presented well
  • Excellent…informative…engaging\excellent presentation, many good displays, a lot of fill in the gap information.
Training Testimonials

Training Testimonials

What people say about our training:

The Best There Is!

If there is a better authority on firestopping than Sharron, I’ve yet to meet that person in my 30yr career. Take her FS seminar if you get the chance. Highly recommended

— Kevin Hogan, Resident Engineer Port Authority of New York and New Jersey

Dynamic Engaging Speaker

Before stepping on stage at the Safety Design in Building conference in Dammam Saudi Arabia, Sharron was told. You are the last speaker after lunch so you can go as long as you want. 90 minutes later, the organizers first three words were, “Wow, Wow, WOW!” 

One of the best classes I have taken. GREAT JOB! You love your work.

–Paul, Building SubCode NJ

Educate Your Entire Project Team

Sharron is very talented, dependable, helpful, and knowledgeable. I have attended many of her training sessions, which were very thorough, interesting, and well-planned.

— Michelle Merillat, Manager, Desert Heating & Plumbing, Co.


…Ms. Halpert has been training for my Department for over a year and I can offer nothing but praise. She is the sometimes-rare trainer that has outstanding technical knowledge and an outstanding style of presenting technical material in a very interactive and engaging way. 

All of her evaluations from the past year have been exemplary and we’ve received multiple individual comments that the training she has provided has been exceptional. So much so that she has been contacted by some groups for in-house training above and beyond what we provide through our contract.

— John Delesandro, Division of Codes and Standards for the State of NJ

…I met Sharron when she was a speaker to our County Fire Prevention Association meeting. The topic was firestopping and at face value, not exactly a thrilling topic. Sharron took a very dry subject and made it into one of the most interesting and thorough presentations I’ve seen. She is a wealth of knowledge on this topic and is the most passionate person I have ever met when it comes to stopping the spread of fire with sound construction practices.

— Captain Ed Nunn, Fire Department Borough of Madison NJ

…I met Sharron at a Fire Facts Seminar at Seton Hall University where she was the principle lecturer to over 300 Building and Fire Officials from North Jersey where she spoke about firestop and codes and standards. Given this topic, Sharron spoke with such enthusiasm that no one in attendance thought possible. Sharron is a walking text book on firestop. Her enormous drive to change the way we as Building and Fire Officials conduct our work to improve the level of life safety through the use and practice of applied firestop…

— Thomas Simpson, VP Bergen County Fire Prevention and Protection Association- NJ

…The best class I’ve ever had on grease ducts. I now know how they are tested and critical things to look for when inspecting grease duct wrap installation.

— Student in DCA Class

Ensure Your Team Understands Firestop as it Relates to Building Codes, Fire Standards, UL Details, etc.

After working with Sharron I have a better understanding of how to inspect firestop and hold the installers accountable on a whole new level 

— DCA Class participant

Who knew anyone could be THAT passionate, animated and energetic when talking about building codes and fire test standards. The class was anything but boring and we walked away with a new understanding of the importance of firestop and how to be sure it is installed properly. Thank you Sharron

— Participant at Port Authority of NY & NJ Firestop Training