We support projects large and small. The unifying element of our clients is that they want to do the right thing. If your team is comfortable sweeping things under the rug, we are probably not a good fit. If however you want your team to perform at a higher level, then we should talk.If you look at high performers, many of them have coaches who helped them excel faster and further than they could on their own.We have been involved in over $20 billion of new construction covering 26 million square feet of projects. That is not our teams’ cumulative numbers, that is our founder alone. The depth and breadth of experience Sharron brings to your team is fun, engaging, powerful and dynamic.Sharron and her team will help you reduce risk, mitigate liability and in the end your team will build better, not just on the one job, but on every project that follows.Sharron has consulted on multifamily wood framed projects for developers dedicated to ensuring the level of life safety for the tenants. She has worked on high rise hospitality projects, power plants, hospitals airports, sports venues and a litany of other projects that all have unique elements that could be the occupancy type or the construction type.If you want to build better, we want to help. The only question is, when do we start?Learn more at Watch video hereHave you worked on a project where unforeseen firestop issues have had a negative impact on your budget or on your schedule?If you have, then we can help. We can also reduce your liability through quality control, training, documentation and improving the overall quality of your building. We can help save money on most projects as well with value engineering and other cost saving measures.Whether you are the building owner, general contractor, architect, or firestop installer, HLS Consulting wants to make sure that your building’s firestop installations meet or exceed local building codes. If you are buying a building, in the midst of tenant transitions, designing a building, in the middle of construction, or maintaining an existing building, we can help keep everything on track and code compliant.Here are some of the areas in which our expertise can make the difference:

Construction Consulting

HLS Consulting can:

  • Train your team to spot and remediate potential firestop issues before they impact the project schedule
  • Attend BIM and coordination meetings to help the entire project team understand their impact on firestop
  • Conduct quality control for the project to ensure compliance with local building codes, project plans, and specifications, as well as all required standards
  • Remediate problems if or when they occur (because nothing ever goes entirely to plan)
  • Select appropriate rated assemblies to resolve unexpected applications that may arise
  • Develop cost-effective solutions that eliminate compliance issues without altering project intent
  • Ensure Value Engineering that maintains code compliance and either reduces cost or improves schedule
  • Collaborate with entire project team in a way that enhances the project and the skills of the people involved so that they are stronger for whatever project they impact next
  • Maintain documents necessary for turn over to owner. This can involve various computer-based modules where proper documentation input is crucial to the usefulness of the module at the end of construction (avoiding the “Garbage in, garbage out” scenario)
  • Successfully mitigate the position of liability. We have done this for every client we have worked with and we look forward to helping your team next.

Quality Control

If you want to keep the Quality Control in-house then HLS Consulting can train your team on how to accurately scrutinize firestop installations. If you prefer to reduce liability even further we can become the project’s quality control team. We can conduct pre-construction meetings with team members in order to ensure that everyone understands the firestop plan. Let’s discuss your common problems and how to eliminate those concerns on your next project. Even if you are in the middle of a project, call us for a review so we can help make sure you finish strong.

Pre-Construction Meetings

Our pre-construction meetings are like no other firestop pre-con meeting you’ve attended. We use this opportunity to ensure that everyone understands the role they play in the life safety of the building. We help the teams work to better understand how they impact the other trades and how to avoid problems, reduce liability, and build a better building.

Does your submittal review impact your pre-construction meeting? It should. We can show you how this step can help in your pre-construction meeting, ensuring that everyone is working collaboratively to eliminate firestop issues in a way they never have before. Invite us to conduct your next pre-construction meeting and see if you agree.

Submittal Review

Did you realize you can save money just by having a strong firestop submittal review? Consider this an early intervention that will reduce complications and the potential for change orders during the project. If you want to know more about how we can help with this simple but powerful modification in your project, contact us before you start your next project.

Do you cross-reference your electrical submittal, or even your plumbing and mechanical insulation submittals, to identify potential firestop issues? Give us a chance to review your firestop submittals and you will likely want us to do more on your next project.

Specification Review

When HLS Consulting is included early in the development of your project, we can leverage our expertise to help identify the best materials for your various applications. This can often result in getting project- specific pricing that may reduce cost. It will also mean a reduction in compatibility issues (which reduces liability), and allows for a streamlined implementation from both an installation and a documentation standpoint, as well as from a facilities maintenance position.

We will pull the project team together to work toward the same goal of proper passive fire protection and implement cost-savings. We may even introduce you to a new firestop product that will save time, money or both. Allow us to conduct a specification review and see if we can add value to your next project.

Plan Review

When we review your project plans, we can often suggest areas for change that may lower the overall project cost, even if, in some cases, it increases the firestop cost (see testimonials). In other cases our suggestions may eliminate the need for firestop all together.

Other changes may increase the speed of installations, helping to improve both your schedule and your labor budget. All of the changes implemented will serve to reduce liability.

We will work with your project design and construction teams to consider the challenges they may have uncovered on other projects to ensure these are not repeated on your projects.

Halpert Life Safety Consulting LLC is a leading provider of firestop-related life safety and passive fire protection solutions. We consult for the building industry in the New York/New Jersey (NY/NJ) metropolitan area, as well as across the United States and internationally.

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