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Legal & Insurance



Lawyers who work in construction for legitimate companies who are dedicated to doing the right thing will find they serve two valuable purposes. First, they help ensure their clients stay our of trouble through guidance, operational procedures training and an array of important strategies. Second, they defend their clients against construction defect claims.  Let’s address how we can help with both of these areas

If you are helping a client stay mitigate risk and subrogate liability then you understand the value of training. The building codes and standards change regularly and if a build team is not on top of the changes they can create a liability for a firm that you are supposed to protect. We can support with any combination of training and or consulting designed to help your teams plan better so they can build better.


If you are working in a construction defect claim on a project with fire rated floors and walls, then  the chances are inordinately high that firestop is an easy element to add to the list of defects and a life safety element is likely to carry more weight than others.



The insurance industry is responsible for a multitude of changes to the codes and standards, especially those that impact life safety. Some even relate directly to the firestop industry. If you are responsible for fire investigation, knowing about firestop and fire performance of the material could change how you look at fire scenes according to some fire investigators we have spoken with.

If you are interested in learning more, we are happy to help. After discussing post fire scenes with fire crews, we are driven to do our part to help anyone who wants to build better, or understand firestop in the built environment.

Please spend some time with our website and if you have any questions know we are always available to help. Just reach out