A discussion of Cross Laminate Timber construction at UL Future Built Forum- Jan 2019

Thank you to ULFDNY & IAFF for hosting the future build forum last winter. Today I would like to share with you a slide deck from a presentation by Susan Jones of AtelierJones Architects. While this is nothing more than the slide deck that she used for the presentation, it is nothing compared to what you would have heard if you were in the audience with me. She is passionate about the use to CLT (Cross Laminate Timber) as a way to build high rise structures and preserve the forests.

In this presentation you will see the home that she built with this material. She shared her passion and her story on this chilly January day earlier in the year and I hope you find value in getting a glimpse of what she share with us that day. You can view the presentation here. You will see photos CLT projects as well as of the fire tests where you will see “cribs” of wood to simulate additional fuel sources and explanations of the codes we will see in the 2021 IBC.

If you have any questions about CLT, I would love to be a resource for you but I am still learning about it myself and I am still on the fence in several ways. I hope to be able to share a stronger stance one way or another with you as things unfold more.

For now however, if you have questions about firestop on a project you are involved with do not hesitate to reach out to me. I am happy to support you if I am able.