Are you patching rated walls properly?

I have seen some creative ways of patching walls. Some are UGLY and some are invisible. Here is a great video of how to make an invisible patch BUT you can’t do this on a fire rated wall. This California patch or butterfly patch will not survive the rigors of the ASTM E119 fire test.

If you have been in one of our training classes where we discuss how rated assemblies are tested then you know the two biggest ways bad patch assemblies may fail are either because the fail at the hose stream test segment or even before that as the wall tries to maintain a T rating and the growing gap between the original wall and the patch material shrinks as the fire consumes its mass and the growing gap allows for hot gas to pass through and it will fail at this point.

So, how do you properly patch a rated wall? Check out this guide from US Gypsum association to see if you are doing it right. USGyp repair of wall

If you are looking at a repair of a one hour wall that is relatively easy. Properly patching a two hour wall is a whole different story all together. If you have any questions don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We are happy to help if we are able.