Firestop Coffee Break Training

HLS is 11 years old and we are giving you a Birthday Present. Check out this fun video to learn more. This deal is only available through the month of March. After that the prices go back up, so grab them now while you can.

We have all worked with or for people who are perfectly happy to cut corners to save the budget or the schedule. This training is NOT for those people. This training is for people who want to build better. People who understand that continually learning means continual improvement. If that sounds like you, then welcome to our firestop training page. We are excited to share our passion and experience with you and strive to support those of you who want to do things right. We have taken our 20+ years of firestop experience on over $20 Billion dollars worth of projects that range from three story wood framed projects to multi billion dollar resorts and airports. We have a growing list of training designed to help you better understand how the codes and standards related to one another and how that should impact what you do in the field. We don’t just spout these as facts, but rather we animate the codes and turn the test standards into stories so you can more easily see how they both work together and how that should guide your field work.

Feel free to reach out to us if you need more help, if you have a topic you want us to cover. We hope to be putting out new courses regularly but your input can help direct the next courses we create, so please let us know what you want.

Sharron is our instructor for these classes and she has been accused of being contagiously passionate. Here we are in the midst of a pandemic that has spread across the globe so you might not want to hear about someone being contagious. But what if this contagion hits your company and you have a team of people who know how to plan better so that you can all build better? That is the kind of contagion we are talking about.

Once we have a large group of people who have been through the training we will open the discussions up to on line Q&A opportunities where you can ask questions related to your own challenges and your own projects. If you are interested in something like that for your team, just reach out to us.

We will be launching a new training every quarter, so if you would like to help us work out the bugs, you are welcome to join the beta group. Please see below.

If you have ideas for new classes that you want to see, we want to hear from you. Shoot us a quick not from the contact page.


Our goal is to launch a new training every quarter. Here is the plan for 2022.

  • Q1- Firestop for Fire Sprinkler Contractors- whether you are self performing or overseeing your own sub. Here is what you need to know.
  • Q2- Plan your project so you have fewer firestop problems
  • Q3- Firestop for Plumbers-whether you are self performing or overseeing your own sub. Here is what you need to know.
  • Q4- Electrical Outlets, building codes and firestop…when, what why and how and a CLIV for good measure

If you want to be part of a Beta Test Group for a new course, just message us at the link above, let us know which course you are interested in and you will get free access to the training in exchange for sharing your opinion and helping us work out any bugs in the training.

It is our hope that this training platform will become a resource for all things firestop so that when people need help, or just have questions, they know they can come here for help. We don’t sell firestop products. We don’t have a favorite brand. We have a bunch of favorite people and some favorite products, but it doesn’t matter what manufacturer you want to use as long as they have an adequate list of tested details for your project. What really matters is that you want to do it right. If that sounds like you, then you found the help you need. I look forward to supporting you and your projects you as you learn about this industry.