Firestop Inspection

Firestop special inspection is a relatively new concept in construction when you consider special inspections have been around for 100 years and firestop inspection first became a code requirement in the 2012 IBC.

Having the right special inspection team on your project can be a game changer. The standard requires a pre-construction meeting and this is the best opportunity to set the project moving in the right direction.

If you aren’t sure if your project has the right person on the team, you can check out the best practices called out in the ICC Special Inspection Manual that you can purchase on line, or you can check out these videos for more information- the easiest way to know you have the right person on the team is to be sure they have passed a test on the topic. Here is a video that might help. If you are an AHJ, this one is for you and if you are an AOR, this one is for you. We hope that helps you. If you would like the checklist, we mention just let me know.