Firestop Special Inspection- Reducing Confusion

Firestop special inspection is a relatively new requirement in our building codes. This three part series is designed to help architects and building officials understand how this code change impacts their responsibilities. Understanding how to verify that you have someone who is capable and qualified to do this work for your team is critical and this video is designed to help. While we are not digging into the requirements of the building code or the inspection standards this information is from the ICC Special Inspection Manual.

Our first video in this series will show you an easy way to confirm that your special inspector meets the requirements of the inspection manual. The next two videos to follow will explain the responsibilities of the building official and the architect as they are called out in the ICC Special Inspection Manual.

If you are an architect or a building official, we hope this video helps you do your job a little more easily.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us!