Shout out to Laura Tameron

When I started in construction it often seemed like there were two types of women in construction. The nice ones, who were supportive and then there were those women who didn’t like other women in their turf. They worked hard to get where they were and they didn’t want anyone else in their vision. They were territorial and they could be nasty, especially if they felt like you were competition.  

I’ve dealt with plenty of people like that. Then there were people like Laura who was an executive at the company I worked for. We were on a HUGE project and one day she stopped me in the hall and said something that has stuck with me years later. She said something along the lines of, “On a project of this size, when there is a woman and all the guys know her, its usually for all the wrong reasons. But you, you have only been here 6 months and everyone knows you…but they also know why you are here. Keep up the good work.” 

She took the time to celebrate me and on days when I feel beat up, that 60 second encounter with a powerhouse like Laura still sticks with me.  So does some of the nasty territorial crap.  

I let both serve as a reminder of which one I want to be.  

What stories lift you up from your past? 

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