Does an Escutcheon fix the problem…or NOT?

Yesterday we talked about a plumber that misinterpreted a code section that was designed for fire sprinkler contractors. The rest of the week we will be focusing on how a fire sprinkler contractor could misinterpret this same code section. 

First, this is a reference to an automatic sprinkler. That is the sprinkler head not the sprinkler pipe, so if the pipe comes out of the wall and the head drops in the center of, let’s say a corridor, then the escutcheon doesn’t meet the code, because a pipe is not a head.  

There are two other ways this code section is misinterpreted. If you want to know more you can check back this week or you can just pop into our firestop 101 for fire sprinkler training and we will cover all this and SO MUCH MORE. Here is the link – If you want your whole team to learn together, we do offer group discounts and discounts for AHJ’s. Reach out if you want more info. Please share this with others who want to build better.  

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