You don’t ALWAYS have to firestop a fire sprinkler pipe

What if the sprinkler pipe runs from one room into another and the sprinkler head is on the wall. Can you cover that with an escutcheon and meet this code section?  If you don’t know where this exception sits in the code it would be easy to mistakenly think that this is okay.  

Let me explain why it is NOT 

If you were with us on Monday I gave you the code section. 714.4.2 if you check it out you will see that code section is for membrane penetrations. A sprinkler pipe that stubs through the wall is a through penetration not a membrane penetration, therefore an escutcheon without firestop is not a code compliant solution.  

This is only acceptable when the sprinkler pipe stubs up through the floor and the sprinkler head penetrates the wall. If that happens then you can provide the code required protection with nothing more than a metal escutcheon.  

Well, that is with one exception. We will dive into that tomorrow or you can just pop into our firestop 101 for fire sprinkler training and we will cover all this and SO MUCH MORE. Here is the link – If you want your whole team to learn together, we do offer group discounts and discounts for AHJ’s. Reach out if you want more info. Please share this with others who want to build better.  

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