Smoke Barrier Part 4

If you have been following me this week, you know we are talking about smoke barriers and how to ensure you are code compliant.  

Today we are going to tackle step 4. So, you have your list of assemblies and your list of firestop details for each assembly, and you will need to find how many of each type is in each assembly so you can make sure you comply with this code section. 

714.5.4 Penetrations in Smoke Barriers 

  • When you look at your firestop details you can’t have any that have a L rating over 5.0cfm per sq ft.  
  • Then you can’t have a cumulative leakage over 50cfm per 100 sq ft of assembly.   

This means you need to run some numbers and PLEASE do this BEFORE your project starts, because once you have run a bank of conduit through a smoke barrier…you are going to have a really difficult time being code compliant if you did what I typically see. There are an array of other common issues that need to be identified BEFORE you start the project, or you WILL have issues.  

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