March 2023 Lessons in Firestop: Deciphering Firestop Details for Metal Pipes

You might think that firestopping metal pipes is easy to get right, but our expert, Sharron Halpert (MIM), wants you to know of a few critical items to consider, the first of which is finding a firestop detail that matches your rated assembly and your pipe. You can learn more in her latest Lessons in Firestop column on ASPE Pipeline:

Flashback Friday

If you work in healthcare construction you know that it is unique in the construction realm. 

I’m not posting this to knock THIS contractor because there are plenty of projects in the US that have similar issues but didn’t get the press. I have been involved with the remediation of some of them. But this girl doesn’t kiss and tell. 

But check out this flashback and learn from these lessons.

If you want to learn from mistakes, that can get expensive. If you want to learn from others mistakes or just learn from our Firestop Coffee Break Training please visit our growing list of training offerings.

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February 2023 Lessons in Firestop: How Do You Firestop Cleanout Valves?

Attention ASPE LinkedIn followers: Our Lessons in Firestop columnist Sharron Halpert (MIM) is looking for media for a forthcoming column, specifically a photo of a cleanout valve with an escutcheon plate and one without an escutcheon plate. If you can assist, please message Sharron or comment below. Photography credit will be given. Thank you!

December 2022 Lessons in Firestop: Remember to Fill Your Cores!

Remember to fill your cores! In her last column of 2022, our firestop expert, Sharron Halpert (MIM), explains the deadly consequences that can occur if you don’t appropriately fill hollow-core concrete floor panels with firestop before the trades run their services. Read it now on ASPE Pipeline–>

November 2022 Lessons in Firestop: Hambro Floor-Ceiling Assemblies and Mickey Mouse Ears

Mickey Mouse ears strike again! As promised, our expert Sharron Halpert (MIM) continues her discussion on how to deal with some of the firestopping issues encountered with Hambro, or G500, floor-ceiling assemblies in her November 2022 Lessons in Firestop column on ASPE Pipeline. Read it now –>

July 2022 Lessons in Firestop: Staying on Top of Code Changes

Staying on top of code changes is enough to make your head spin. That’s why firestop expert Sharron Halpert (MIM) shares some insight on the International Building Code (IBC) and firestop inspection requirements in her latest column on ASPE Pipeline:

August 2022 Lessons in Firestop: Understanding Mass Timber Construction

Do you know the difference between wood-framed construction and mass timber when it comes to firestop? Never fear! Sharron Halpert (MIM) explains the basics in her August 2022 Lessons in Firestop column on ASPE Pipeline:

Goldilocks and the Plumber- a firestop story.

You all know the story of Goldilocks and the Three bears, but have you heard the one about the plumber?

Regardless of your trade, this information will help anyone who deals with firestop and wants to build better! Check it out and let me know what you think!