Flashback Friday

What if you could find a good firestop installer, or firestop special inspector with a few simple questions?  Its not quite that easy, but this Flashback Friday will certainly shed some light on a question that all people in the firestop industy should be able to answer. Check it out and let me know what you think. 

Flashback Friday

If you work in healthcare construction you know that it is unique in the construction realm.  

I’m not posting this to knock THIS contractor because there are plenty of projects in the US that have similar issues but didn’t get the press. I have been involved with the remediation of some of them. But this girl doesn’t kiss and tell.  

But check out this flashback and learn from these lessons. 

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Flashback Friday

On this Flashback Friday I want to share a video that I often share in classes. This shows what happens when things are not firestopped properly.  This is an excellent video. I only wish they went into more details about the improper firestop installations.  Please have a watch and share your thoughts on this.

Flashback Friday

Imagine you have a catastrophic fire loss on your building. 

You pay your insurance BUT your insurance company doesn’t need to pay because you screwed up.  

Here is a Flashback Friday on exactly how this could happen.  See the link if you are curious to learn more.

But imagine as the firestop industry develops, the requirement for special inspection and all the code changes that impact how you build. What if you don’t comply with the building codes and you can be held accountable in a similar way?  Scary huh?  That is why we are creating more and more firestop training designed to help you not only KNOW the codes, but apply them to your work in the field.  

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